Meet our Team

Meet our Care Team

Our Carers work tirelessly to make sure people in the local area get the help they need when they need it. Care can be challenging at times, and we are so proud of their constant dedication and enthusiasm. NEDCare wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of our fantastic Care Team.

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Senior Carer Kate has been with NEDCare for 3 years. Previously she worked at Roecroft and Marie Curie, in palliative care.

Kate was attracted to NEDCare because she liked the ethos, and wanted to help people stay within their community. Kate says she ‘meets such interesting people, I love hearing their history.’ Kate is passionate about making people feel valued in her role with NEDCare, and helping the community stay together. Kate says, ‘it’s much more than just wiping bums!’

Outside of work, Kate enjoys walking her dog, Ethel, in the woods around her home.


Jax is originally from Zimbabwe and has been living in the UK since 2001. She’s a mum to three boys, lives in Chagford and has been based here for the last 3.5 years.

She has been involved in care work for roughly 20 years, and has been working with NEDCare since the beginning of March 2020, just as the pandemic hit the UK.
Jax says, ‘I love working as a domiciliary carer, having the opportunity to support elderly and vulnerable people, helping them to be comfortable in their own homes. The variety of clients and support they need keeps the job interesting as no two days are the same. I feel privileged to work alongside such a caring and committed team of carers as well as supporting our wonderful clients’.

Outside of NEDCare, Jax enjoys running, reading and spending quality time with her family.


Hilary has been working with NEDCare for the past 2 years, having moved down to Devon from Somerset. Previously a biochemistry research assistant and special needs teacher, Hilary is now in her 60s, has retired and lives just outside Lustleigh.

As she has always lived in the country, she enjoys talking to clients about a wide range of topics, and never struggles for things to talk about. ‘The best part of working for NEDCare’, Hilary says, ‘is knowing that you make a big difference to people’s lives, both practically and emotionally’.

Hilary was attracted to NEDCare’s ethos of being a charity, and a local organisation making people’s lives better in the community. She says, ‘the flexibility in hours works well for me; it fits in with my retirement and family life’. Outside working for NEDCare, Hilary enjoys long walks with her dog on the moor, growing veg, tending to her chickens and spending time with her grandchildren.


Hailing from North Devon, Annie is the youngest Carer on our team, at 20 years old.

Annie says, ‘working with NEDCare has for sure been a wild ride but I wouldn’t change it for the world as it’s made me who I am today. I’ve got some amazing friends who also work at NEDCare – we’re just one big family!’

Currently Annie is working on a Level 2 Diploma in Care, and outside of work can be found working on a van build with her step-Dad, to go on adventures in with her dog Cooper!


Clive has been working as a carer with NEDCare for nearly three years. Before that, he was a Design Engineer working on satellite broadcasting and mobile telecoms.

Clive has been working as a carer with NEDCare for nearly three years. Before that, he was a Design Engineer working on satellite broadcasting and mobile telecoms. Clive comments, ‘I grew tired of working in sterile environments without natural light.’ In Clive’s current role with NEDCare, he loves meeting people around the moor and sharing stories. He always has a handful of photographs, having handpicked out collections of Dartmoor, birds, or travels to show to clients. Clive continues, ‘having a client pleased to see me, and making them feel cared for makes the job thoroughly fulfilling. NEDCare provides good training, assistance at any time, flexibility, and thoughtful time matching and balancing its carers with the needs of each individual client, which makes it a pleasure to be a part of.’


Ethel the Springer Spaniel can often be found accompanying our Senior Carer Kate on her client visits. She’s a firm favourite with many of our clients!

Ethel the Springer Spaniel can often be found accompanying our Senior Carer Kate on her client visits. She’s a firm favourite with many of our clients!

As NEDCare is a registered charity, we have a Board of Trustees, made up of local people volunteering their time to ensure we benefit the community and deliver the best care we can. Our Management Team is based at the NEDCare office in Moretonhampstead Hospital. They keep the wheels of NEDCare turning, supporting our care team and from first thing in the morning until the end of the working day, making sure there is always someone on the end of the phone for carers or clients.

Our Services

Management Team

Team Liaison Support

Rachel Sheppard

The Team Liaison Support Officer for NEDCare, Rachel moved to the area from Derby 26 years ago.

The Team Liaison Support Officer for NEDCare, Rachel moved to the area from Derby 26 years ago. Before working for NEDCare, Rachel worked at the Chagford Montessori Nursery and a community wholefood shop and café. What she loves about NEDCare is working with such an ‘enthusiastic and dedicated’ team. Job satisfaction for Rachel is ‘getting home and knowing we’ve made a difference’. In her spare time likes to explore Dartmoor.
Registered Manager

Simon Tickner

Simon has worked in care settings since 1995. He has maintained his professional registration as a social worker since 2000 and has held ‘Registered Manager’ status with the CQC (and their predecessors) since 2003. He has worked with a variety of clients, young and old in that time managed both residential and community social care services for nearly 20 years.

Simon notes, ‘Putting the person first is a thread that runs through everything we do, from training for carers, our relationships with families, linking in with other professionals and understanding the people in the local community. My role is to ensure this thread remains at the core of all our work’.

Simon likes working for NEDCare because the organisation is small enough to be responsive. He highlights, ‘the fact that we are a local organisation means that we get to know people well and can retain a personal, sensitive, and individual approach to all those we support. This is the single most important thing to me and gives me the greatest professional satisfaction.’

Contact Simon if you are interested in working for NEDCare and would like an informal chat, or if you are looking to finding out more about care for you or a loved one, via email at

Deputy Manager

Lucy Collings

Lucy is the Deputy Manager for NEDCare. She is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operational running of NEDCare, including supporting carers to meet the needs of NEDCare’s clients. She is part of the management team responsible for ensuring NED Care is operating in lines with our regulating body CQC.

Lucy says, ‘working for NEDCare ticks many boxes for me, but in particular I love working within a team whose priority is being client centred. Every one of the team really strives to meet the individualised needs of the people we provide support to. The care team I work with, are a truly inspiring group of people who consistently work hard to meet our clients care needs. I love that I get to work with them every day’.

Contact Lucy for an informal chat about working for NEDCare at

Board of Trustees

John Willis

John has been a NEDCare Trustee since it was set up as a charity in 2020, and before that was a director of NEDCare CIC since starting it with others in 2015. He has lived in Moretonhampstead for 30 years and has an elderly relative who now uses NEDCare support.

He was motivated, and still is, by seeing the challenges that face many of his neighbours and friends in obtaining the care they need for their families and the huge benefits that a community-run service provides.

John has management experience in community organisations throughout his working life, initially in inner London. He has worked as a teacher in secondary schools and in further education, and as a careers service practitioner and leader, so has experience of people in all walks of life. He believes that everyone should be treated as of equal value.

John is married with two grown up children and two grandchildren who live locally. He is a keen walker and cyclist, has run a local choir for the last 20 years, and enjoys gardening.

Jenny Bates

Jenny joined NEDCare as a trustee in 2015, having lived in Moretonhampstead for 32 years, has raised her family there and cared for her elderly parents locally prior to their death.

Jenny also supported her first husband during his decline and eventual death, in his early 50s, as a consequence of early onset, frontotemporal dementia. She counts herself fortunate to live in such a supportive community as Moretonhampstead and is keen to play her part in assisting those in need locally.

Jenny has worked for many years, initially as a teacher and then as an educational psychologist supporting children, young people, families and schools experiencing challenges in their lives. Jenny was eventually appointed as Principal Educational psychologist for Devon County Council, then oversaw the privatisation of the service by Babcock International.

Now largely retired Jenny enjoys spending time with her family including five grandchildren, she also loves walking and riding her electric bike!


Jill Coulter

Fundraising and donations help us to provide a high quality service for those who most need it.


If you would like to discuss your care needs in more detail, or you are considering a career as a Carer, give us a call on 01647 279211 or fill in the contact form.